It won’t take you long to work out why, since opening in 2016, Vcoasts Logistics has grown so quickly to become one of the most trusted interstate road freight companies. Because it doesn’t matter what other haulage companies you look at, you simply won’t find this standard of service anywhere else.

Get on board with Vcoasts Logistics. See haulage done differently.

We looked at the Haulage industry and thought: “We can do better”

Vcoasts Logistics is a specialist interstate road freight provider established by a partnership of transport professionals, after they realised a huge need in the industry for a haulage company who actually cares. Basic business staples like communication, customer service, accountability, and value were completely missing from the haulage industry.

But as you’ll see when we chat, we fixed all that.

Good haulage is about communication, communication, communication

Whatever kind of haulage needs you have, from the simplest interstate linehaul to the most complex, multi-state logistical masterpiece, the key to locking-in the best outcome is all about communication. So right from the start, our business model was built around ensuring every single person along the chain is completely up to date and on the same page.

No radio silences, no misunderstandings, no excuses. It’s how we roll.

No more margin-driven ‘mark-ups’ to your haulage costs.

The interstate road freight industry is littered with suppliers who are slaves to their operating margin, one job away from going into the red and on a race to the bottom, pricing each other down from a place of fear. The effect on you the customer is that you are often over-charged, or simply over-looked in terms of service due to the mass of other clients squeezed onboard.

Then we came along, with our low overheads and unbeatable value.

When you become our customer, our “Duty of Care” kicks in.

One of the biggest differences you’ll find between us and any other interstate linehaul provider, is that at the core of our service promise is an understanding that what we do is often the ‘maker or breaker’ of what it is you want to achieve. We know that a late, misdirected, or damaged load can have horrible knock-on effects for our customers.

We have a strict Duty of Care, so that sort of stuff doesn’t happen.

When it comes to interstate road freight, we can do better.

Join the revolution in road freight!

Happy customers and super-fast growth means that we are now hiring more owner-drivers and fleet operators with superior linehaul experience.

Full-time or casual interstate road freight work available.

We’re friendly, we’re flexible, and we pay fast.

  • Full support from road freight professionals
  • Good hours to suit your lifestyle & family
  • Regular runs with regular customers
  • Excellent above-average earnings, paid fast